Theo Walker (now training at Central School of Speech & Drama)
I seriously recommended BAMT to anyone who wants to pursue a career in Acting or Musical Theatre. The part time nature of the course allowed me to carry on with my studies and part time work; both of which were vital for auditions, academically and financially. Every week pushes you to go out of your comfort zone which is so important for audition preparation. The teachers are extremely supportive and friendly and really want the best out of you. BAMT gave me the confidence to walk into the audition room and without it I wouldn't have been offered a place on my prospective course. Thank you BAMT for everything.

Tom Babbage (trained at Central School of Speech & Drama - now appearing in The Play That Goes Wrong in the West End)
BAMT is absolutely fantastic, whether undertaken as a stand alone course or as a prerequisite to drama school. I cannot say enough how much my year at BAMT prepared me for not only the audition process but my course itself. Now in my second year at drama school, so much of what I am studying and learning was kick started with my time at BAMT. I had originally intended to go down the straight acting route and had my heart set on classical training - but after my training with the brilliant tutors here it helped me widen my perspectives and now I'm on a Musical Theatre degree course! Every lesson I had was invaluable, from the individual singing technique lessons to Acting Through Song and Monologue classes, not only did it help build my confidence in preparing for auditions, but I also left with a huge repertoire of songs and monologues at my disposal for interviews and auditions in the future. I can safely say that without my training at BAMT I would not have been accepted on my course, and for that I will always be extremely grateful and an happy to recommend BAMT to anyone. Plus you meet some great people and make some amazing friends - it's definitely worthwhile and you'll enjoy every moment of it!

Heather Kirk (training at American Musical Theatre Academy in London)
BAMT truly offers the best training in Bath. With classes on two evenings a week, you learn and improve so much over the year, whilst still being able to study/work alongside the course. All of the teaching staff are absolutely incredible, and really care about each individual - I honestly wouldn't have got into dram school without them, and I can't sing their praises highly enough! Also, it is such a friendly environment that it really does feel like a family at BAMT - I am going to miss everyone so much next year! So if you are looking to go into the industry then you should 100% audition for the Bath Academy of Musical Theatre - you really won't regret it!

Sophie Baxter (trained at PPA)
BAMT was just the thing I needed to help me prepare me for drama school auditions-a perfectly designed course, with classes in all disciplines, taught by industry experts, was not only invaluable in the success of my auditions, but was also a great stepping stone towards attending drama school!

Tom Corbishley (trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama)
Bath academy of musical theatre is a great place to train! The teachers there are experts in their individual fields and provide an excellent level of training in dance, acting classes and solo singing. They helped me build up a strong repertoire of music and I feel that I learnt a lot during my time there. I would definitely recommend this course if you aim to peruse a career in musical theatre!

Rosa Higgs (now training at Chichester University)
Had such an amazing year with BAMT. I have learnt so much and everyone has commented on how much I have improved since attending BAMT. Just wish I could come back again this year!

Sam Mitchell
Words cannot describe how amazing BAMT is. You are only there for a few hours, twice a week, for one year and yet when you leave you feel like a massive part of your life is over. I was terrified on my first day. Absolutely terrified. But Tim and Rob welcome you with open arms and you feel part of the family immediately. I never thought I would have any confidence to just stand up and perform but at BAMT you HAVE to perform every week and after 2-3 weeks I no longer felt afraid (which is amazing!). Jazz, Ballet, Ensemble singing, technique, repertoire, acting and acting through song - BAMT offers so much essential training in such a small amount of time but I have seriously improved in every area and that is all down to the amazing teachers! BAMT is structured perfectly. A perfect balance of concentration on every discipline every week but it still fits around a full school/work schedule.

My repertoire is now massive. The other day I was asked to perform a Musical Theatre song to 200 primary school children. I just picked up my BAMT folder, picked up a song and sang it. This applies to auditions too - you will have a repertoire tailored to your strengths to help you ace any audition you walk into. I have hated Shakespeare for years. I never understood a word he had written and found every play/monologue boring. But Dan and Chris have made me love him. I can now safely say that I now love Shakespeare. Dan and Chris teach with such passion and clear understanding that I understand all my monologues and I find myself reading his works for fun...

So no matter what your intentions in life are - BAMT is perfect for anyone with a passion for musical theatre. People thought I was crazy - I took a gap year not to travel or relax but to spend another year studying Musical Theatre. But I am now coming away with a Distinction in my Musical Theatre Diploma, confidence and skills I never thought I could have, a group of friends I love and a year of amazing memories.

I will be eternally grateful to BAMT and I would recommend to anyone. Thank you BAMT for everything!

Matt Bromwich (currently training at LIPA)
I came away from BAMT with a Diploma in Musical Theatre after a year with a lovely group of people and extremely talented teachers. Two years on and I will be starting a course at Drama School in September 2014. There are many people who helped me get there, but the course at BAMT was most definitely a contributing factor. Do it, you'll have a great time!

Olly Lander
Just so worth it. It can be hard at times and quite frustrating when you can't do the task set by the teachers, but they guide you round any obstacles and help you to grow and improve. Really forced me to analyse my class and realise where I needed to work. Thank you guys

Alice Graham
BAMT provided me with specialist training incomparable to anything I had experienced before. I felt honoured to be working with industry professionals and experience their teaching. The tutors are all incredibly supportive and push you into becoming better performers in every discipline. Each discipline is equally valued, allowing you to become an all-round performer and providing you with an advantage when it comes to auditions. BAMT also provided me with invaluable preparation for Drama School, which I hope to retain if i choose to audition in the future. BAMT really cares about you and wants to see you achieve, which dramatically boosts your confidence and readiness to go out of your comfort zone. I am so grateful for everything BAMT has given me and would strongly advise anyone wanting to work in Performing Arts to train at BAMT.

Shauna Phillips Newman
BAMT was a place were I knew I could really improve my ability in musical theatre, and I got this atmosphere from the open day I went too. It gave me the support and guidance to decide if acting or musical theatre was the path for me. It has helped push me in the right direction and I now know 100% what I want to do in the future. Without BAMTs strict regime and the help it gave me I don't think I would've been offered foundation course offers from 2 drama schools. I am really pleased that I came to BAMT and I have come out with friends I will treasure too. It's a great atmosphere to perform in, with other students giving you the support you need and every student bonds straight away. I received fantastic training from all of the tutors and I particularly enjoyed my ballet lessons, now leaving the year knowing I want to continue in that genre of dance. Thank you BAMT!

Lucy Wilsher (recently graduated from Urdang)
The Bath Academy of Musical Theatre was a brilliant experience for me. If you are looking to get into a vocational college then I would strongly recommend BAMT. Not only did it give me the skills and knowledge I needed , but it built my confidence no end, and it was just what I needed so that I could relax when approaching auditions. I loved the professional/friendly manner of the teaching and I really appreciated training here with others who were equally passionate about Musical Theatre.

Stefanie Patrick (recently graduated from Chichester University)
It is such a brilliant experience to work with supportive and knowledgeable professionals at BAMT and to get equal training in all three disciplines. It gave me the repertoire and confidence to succeed in auditions and the training is of such a high standard for such an affordable price! I would recommend training at BAMT to anybody who is passionate about Musical Theatre.

Hannah Bartlam
BAMT has given me top quality training that is undeniably vital in the performing arts industry. The teachers are so knowledgable and friendly and during my time they really helped me improve my skills and confidence. The classes are all top quality and you feel able to work on your weaknesses and strengths in a safe, friendly environment. I 100% recommend BAMT, you will improve so much, grow as a person, and make some great friends at the same time!

Holly Bodimeade (now training with Fourth Monkey Theatre Company)
BAMT IS GREAT. No it seriously is. I was always pretty set on going for the acting courses rather than musical theatre but obviously it's vital to be well-rounded and all that, and particularly the singing lessons really helped me to improve. A lot of BA Acting auditions require an unaccompanied song, and by the end of the year I had a large varied repertoire of songs that could choose from and would feel comfortable using. & Without BAMT I probably would not survive the singing workshops that some drama schools do at recalls, but the lessons I had throughout the year have made me feel completely confident when approaching them. I would 100% recommend BAMT to anyone applying for performing arts courses, even if you're not necessarily going to go down the musical theatre route, because after doing a year there I feel completely prepared for anything to be thrown at me at an audition.

Evie Tantram (trained at London College of Music)
BAMT was amazing!! I had the best time with the best people and made some amazing memories. The teachers are talented, professional and just so so lovely, you are made to feel part of something, it really gives the confidence boost any performer in training needs. I am now in London studying Musical Theatre and I know I wouldn't be here today is it wasn't for BAMT, Fantastic opportunity, you'd be mad not to do it! Hannah Lodite (currently training at Urdang Academy) BAMT made me more confident and prepared for auditions. I was more experienced in dance and hadn't had any training in singing so the private lessons and also the group acting through song sessions really helped to build my confidence. It gave me the perfect opportunity to practice and find good repertoire for auditions. Thanks to BAMT I am now a much more well rounded performer and am continuing my training on a 3 year professional course!!

Sarah Jane Taylorson
BAMT was the best part of my year last year! I loved going to the sessions as everyone was so welcoming and friendly! The teaching is great and felt that overall I improved massively particularly in my singing. We were given some great masterclasses and workshops with some inspirational people which was also amazing! I'd recommend the course to anyone looking to get into musical theatre or even just to boost your confidence in performance and meet some great friends!

Milly Palastre
I really loved my time at BAMT, throughout the year long course i gained loads of confidence in my singing, acting and dancing. Everyone was really lovely and welcoming and I would 100% recommend the course to anyone who asked me.


Evangeline Tantram
(trained at London College of Music)

I am now in London studying Musical Theatre - and know I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for BAMT

Lucy Wilsher
(trained at Urdang Academy)

If you're looking to get into drama school then I would strongly recommend BAMT

Danny Mac
Wicked (West End) & Hollyoaks (Mark 'Dodger' Savage)

Rob filled me with the knowledge, ability and confidence to go and get work in the West End, fulfilling a dream, and for that I will always be grateful

Helen Colby
Sweeney Todd & Sister Act (West End), The Sound of Music (National Tour)

Tim was the first creative I ever worked with. I learned so much and can safely say that I would not be working now without his encouragement and inspiration.

Tom Corbishley
(trained at RWCMD & AMTA)

The teachers are all experts in their disciplines and provide an excellent level of training

Christopher Killik
Trained at Royal Academy of Music
Credits inc. Love Story (West End) & Chess In Concert (Royal Albert Hall)

I wouldn't have got where I am today without the great training I received from Tim

Eugene McCoy
Jersey Boys & Mamma Mia (West End)

Rob is a fantastic teacher who taught me, and so many other west end performers, invaluable singing technique and skills

Tom Babbage
(trained at Royal Central School of Speech & Drama)
Made West End debut in The Play That Goes Wrong

Without my training at BAMT I would not have been accepted onto my course...for that I will always be extremely grateful

Dan Lea
(trained at Oxford School of Drama)

If you're thinking about pursuing a career in theatre, Bath Academy of Musical Theatre is the perfect stepping stone into the profession